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A home is one of the biggest investments you can make, you need a company you can trust to deliver the expertise and craftmanship necessary to make your dreams of a custom home come true.

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Client Center

Welcome to the Client Center page.  This page is a centralized source of information provided to all current and prospective clients regarding important information on the local area and what to expect during the building process.


Relocation Assistance

If you are moving to this area for the first time, please allow us to be the first to welcome you and provide information and links that may assist in your relocation:


What to expect during construction

There are so many different types of construction services provided by our company, as well as the vast differences inherit to each one of them, it would be impossible to provide an accurate list of expectations until we work with you individually to focus in on your specific project. 

  • What we can provide in this section is a summary of major steps and things to keep in mind during the construction process:
    • Contact John Dean Custom Homes to express interest in construction and general preliminary ideas
    • Determine location for custom home or addition
    • identify local building ordinances and zoning regulations
    • develop plans and specifications for project
    • agree on tentative construction costs
    • secure loan
    • team effort takes a huge jump as the actual construction process begins, home owners and John Dean Custom Homes work together for best possible coordination during construction.  The process itself involves several individuals from different trades, but through great preparation, planning, coordination, and managed expectations, everyone stays on the same page and understands the direction of where each stage of the process is going.
    • along the way, home owners and John Dean Custom Homes will continually assess the progress and make any neccessary updates or new request accommodations if at all possible
    • final walkthrough of finished project